Byobu + Momoko

Byobu is a radiator made of recyclable aluminium, produced to run on water as well as on electricity, with the heating body comprising two slim, square-shaped components, with a clean-cut, linear appearance, which move by swivelling around a central pin, taking on various, surprising shapes. It is also available in the version with a single large heating panel, which confirms the same principle of movement as the two-‘leaf’ version. In all versions, this radiator minimises consumption levels and is quickly fully operational, guaranteeing superior heat output and maximum comfort. Byobu is also fitted with an additional accessory, the ‘momoko’, which means ‘small peach’ in Japanese, in other words, a hook to be secured to the wall, either on its own or in series, to hang towels or bathrobes on.

Client Antrax IT
Date 2018